Anna-Kajsa and the Gallery


Exhibition in New York 2011

WARD-NASSE  GALLERY   New York, Manhattan. 178 Prince St.
1 - 30 october

Artists at the "Departure" show: Martine Cyr Kanada, Anna-Kajsa Sweden, Eva Buchrainer Austria, Basak Malone-curator USA,Knut-Peter Hoffman Germany


the "Departure" show

"The Step" in the window of Ward Nasse Gallery, Prince St.

The New Collectors Book First edition,2012: Anna-Kajsa´s statement about her artwork.

Information about the exhibition


My name is Anna-Kajsa Alaoui and I am a painter. During the summers I live in the north of the island Öland, situated in th Baltic Sea in the south of Sweden. To get there you need to pass the city of Kalmar on the mainland and cross the bridge to Öland. The community of Löttorp is situated aproximately 80 km further on the road as you cross the bridge. You'll find my Gallery – Galleri Alaoui - 5 km north of Löttorp on the west side of Öland, in the tiny little village of Binnerbäck. You might not find Binnerbäck on the map, but look for Byrum. You'll find me 2 km south of Byrum Sandvik, a beautiful beach. Click here to se a map. If you have a GPS my address is BYRUMSVÄGEN 216, LÖTTORP.

Artist career

I started to attend art school 1975, among other universities I attended Konstfack, the academy of Art in Stockholm. I finished my studies 1979. For some years I worked as a teacher alongside my painting but I gradually quit teaching and since some 20 years I am working full-time with my art.


Galleri Alaoui


My Inspiration

Very often I get the question: from where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the nature surrounding the area where I live on the north of Öland, in the Baltic in the south of Sweden; from the human body and from within.

The nearness of water and the open landscape creates a lot of light in various shapes, and the way that the light alters objects and scenarios provides a constant challenge.

I began my career a long time ago as a P.E. teacher, and my fascination with the body and movement has continued. In a painting, colors and space add dimension to movements and gestures, transforming them into statement about existance.

As to pictures from within,from the "inside,"I focus on a feeling or mood and translate it with color. Whether the final work is abstract or figurative lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Building my Gallery

In 2004 I realized a dream and built a Gallery in my garden, a peculiar house with six irregular walls. I named it Galleri Alaoui from my last name Alaoui, a Moroccan family name (I am Swedish).
Earlier I exhibited my art in the house where I live, so I already had a number of faithful visitors. And the number has since steadily increased! I am lucky to meet people of various backgrounds and nationalities. Some intentionally look me up, others just stop by, going to or from the beach, surprised to find a gallery on the countryside.


I paint mostly in oil and the sizes differs from some cm to some meters. The motives are often inspired from the landscape of Öland, even when they turn into what is called non figurative or abstract art. People may show up in my paintings, the human body as an expression of a state of being. (my paintings shown on my web site have not at the present moment names in English. I am working on that!)


Anna-Kajsa vid galleriet


Other artists?

I only exhibit my own art with a few exceptions. I find that the visitors want to meet the artist; you establish a "client relation" through your presence. To build that client relation only through the artwork you have to work as a gallery owner, and that is a full-time job! I do not find the time for that.


I have exhibited my art in a variety of Galleries through the years, especially on Öland and in Stockholm, where i live during the winter. I have participated in collection exhibitions in Hanoi, Vietnam 1999 and in Rockford (near Chicago) USA 2006. In Stockholm I have during my career exhibited with an interval of 2-3 years on Galleri Tersaeus, I am represented in the Town hall of Borgholm (the one and only city on Öland) with a wallpainting, 1991. It can be seen on my web site.


galleri alaoui


I am a member of:

the Swedish Artist Association, KRO
Swedish Female Artists, Svenska Konstnärinnor
The Association of Artists on North Öland, Norra Ölands Konstnärsgille


July - August, 12.00 – 18.00
For a visit any other time, please contact me!


at the end of September during 3 days there is a great variety of activities on all Öland and artists are showing their work in their studios.


I can be reached at +46 ( 0 )485 21229 or +46 ( 0 )764 101808